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Manson Farmers Market

Manson Farmers Market

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From: 06/16/2018

Through: 09/22/2018


One of the many fun activities while visiting Manson is to attend the Farmer's Market on Wednesday and Saturdays. You can find the Market spread out in the Manson Grange parking lot. The 2018 Manson Farmer's Market opened in June and will remain an ongoing event until mid-September. If you are looking for produce be there when the opening bell rings at 8:30 as it goes fast.

The Manson Farmer's Market was a vision of the Manson Grange in 1981. A sub-committee formed under the leadership of Ivan Morse, Meldred Lester and Ed Fischang and the rest is history. A local vendor, Juan Laberrigue says in the beginning there were less than ten booths and today there is room for 50.

Market Managers Mike Detering and Gordon Lester says anyone can rent a spot at the Market for $5 a day, if there is space or $50 for the year. Space is assigned on a first come basis and folks selling vegetables and fruit are on the top of the list. If you would like more information contact Mike at 509-687-3606 or Gordon at 509-687-3158.

Members of the Manson Volunteer Firefighters Association bring the fire truck on Saturdays. They sell tee shirts and other items to raise money for the many causes they support. There are 25 members, all volunteer and deserve a big thank you.

So whether you are a local or a visitor to our community be sure to put the Manson Farmer's Market high on your list of things to do as there is something for everyone.

By Norm Manly


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