{ WineGirl Wines Expands for Summer Season

WineGirl Wines Expands for Summer Season

WineGirl Wines Expands for Summer Season

From the age of 19 Angela Jacobs dreamed about owning a winery and making the best wine in the world! Her dream became reality in May of 2010 when she proudly opened WineGirl Wines in Manson, Washington. That year she produced four different wines with a total of 110 cases.

In September 2015 Todd Link became co-owner of WineGirl Wines. Todd added much to the business with his past hotel management knowledge and a people-person personality. Angela was the winemaker and Todd (the General) became the marketing man, a combination that has proven successful. In 2015 WineGirl Wines produced 1800 cases.

In 2016 WineGirl Wines added entertainment to their wine tasting experience. Monday Night Trivia was born with the General hosting the event. Concerts, comedy shows and “Sip and Paint” events were added in 2017.

WineGirl Wines expanded with the addition of a barrel storage building in 2017. It is a temperature-controlled room that can hold 150 barrels of wine or about 3500 cases. Entertainment continued to grow in 2018 with 14 shows.

Todd and Angela recently completed a landscape upgrade that adds 1,500 square feet of space to their venue. It includes two decks, one 20x24 and the other 20x16. An amazing barrel fence encompasses the area giving it a unique look. The extra space will be needed with this year’s lineup of 34 concerts and two comedy tours!

WineGirl Wines operates seven days a week 12:00 to 7:00. Summer hours coming soon will be 12:00 to 8:00. They operate with a superb staff of eight, well-trained individuals. This year WineGirl Wines will produce twenty varieties of wine and about 3,000 cases.

Todd and Angela invites you to join them for wine tasting, the next concert or to sit around the campfire with Todd, enjoying one of his up scale cigars sold there.

By Norm Manly

Posted by Manson Chamber of Commerce

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