{ What We Discovered!

What We Discovered!

What We Discovered!

"We now realize and understand the importance of having a Home Watch Service!"

We had Lake Chelan Home Watch taking care of our home in Lakeside this winter and we are very glad we did. The first thing they discovered was an ice dam forming on our roof overhang that could have potentially leaked back into our home causing significant damage. They took corrective measures to mitigate this problem thereby avoiding costly repairs. The second incident we had was our furnace was stuck in the full on position because of a part failure. Thankfully they discovered this on an inspection and were able to shut it down and notify me so I could make repairs. I hate to imagine what could have happened if they had not caught this, the very least, it could have burned out our furnace and potentially could have even burned our home down. We now realize and understand the importance of having a Home Watch service. We never used a service to check on our home in the past but I can assure you that we will definitely continue with Lake Chelan Home Watch and highly recommend them to anyone who wants peace of mind for their home when away. Al and Naomi T. Thank you Al and Naomi for your testimonial about our services. For more information and for the same Peace of Mind please check out our website and let us know how we can help you.

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