{ Veterans Day in Manson, Washington

Veterans Day in Manson, Washington

Veterans Day in Manson, Washington
There are many reason to live in small town American like the absence of traffic jams, no stop lights, people wave as you drive by with more than one finger and a sense of peace not found in the large cities. Living in Manson, Washington offers even more with the beauty of Lake Chelan, orchards of apples and cherries trees and huge vineyards that fill your eyes with only beauty. 11-11-2006-02-1024x757 But also in Manson you feel a sense of community that warms your heart. When a family or individual is hurting and in need of help this community comes together. We are a community of volunteers that take on tasks and enjoy the challenge. Manson, Washington is a great community. Celebrating Veterans Day in Manson is amazing! For those veterans that came back from Vietnam to less than a warm welcome being in Manson on Veterans Day or Memorial Day must warm their heart and erase bad memories and replace them with reinforcement that their time in the service was worthwhile. Thursday - November 10 Manson High School welcomed veterans to a special Veterans Day Breakfast. A team on ten students worked with teachers Madonna Carlton and Trista Walters to decorate not only the Student Center but also the hallways of the school. dscf0007 Student team included Noemi Johns, Noemi Sandoval, Jesus Espinoza, Carlos Lopez, Misael Montes, Carlos Silva, Lily Gembala, Everardo Guillen, Luz Sanchez, Serafin Chavez and Raquel Vargas. Matt Charlton, Manson Superintendent and Todd Smith, Manson Middle School Principal were busy flipping pancakes while students took orders that included eggs, ham, coffee and juice. Veterans enjoyed reminiscing their time in service with others while enjoying a great breakfast. Manson High School student Everardo Guillen made a very special cake that we all enjoyed. Everardo did an internship at Safeway in Chelan and was able to make the cake at the store…..thank you Safeway. Everardo will become a Safeway employee very soon. dscf0010 Manson High School student Everardo Guillen Just after we thought the event had come to an end, Don Vanderholm, Manson High School Principal opened a set of double door that led to a hallway where students, teachers and staff lined both sides. Veterans walked through this path of honor that brought tears to many. Students were clapping and saying thank you, many students offered their hands to the veterans. Speaking for the veterans in attendance I can say this was a great morning we thank everyone at Manson High School! dscf0013 From their I join John Swenson (members of American Legion, Post 108 Manson) at the Manson Elementary Library where we met up with forty students from Ann Marie Wisdom and Juliana England's 5th and 6th grade class. We talked with them about Veterans Day and we were both impressed with their knowledge of facts. During our time there we shared with the class what the word spangled means in the patriotic song Star Spangled Banner. You can find the answer by visiting Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. dscf0018 Before John and I departed each student presented us with a picture they had colored or a short note. Here are two of my favorites. "There are no words to say thank you. There is not a hug strong enough. There is not a smile wide enough. All I can off is thank you. You are my hero, your are in my thoughts, you are in my prayers for all you've done. Thanks you." "Thank you Veterans for stepping forward when others stepped back. For placing yourself between us and danger. For servicng our country and for protecting our freedoms." dscf0003 Friday - November 11 Veterans Day was celebrated with a somber but uplifting ceremony put on by members of the American Legion, Post 108. Earlier in the week rain was in the forecast but we enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine! vd-2016-006 Brian Strausbaugh After the Pledge of Allegiance and salute Brian Strausbaugh began the ceremony. John Swenson, Chaplin led us in an opening prayer and was followed by several other speakers. Our featured speaker was Post 108's Commander, Clyde McClullough who emphasized the importance of honoring and taking care of our veterans as they have gave so much to us. Throughout the ceremony the Manson High School Band led by Matt Brown played some great patriotic songs. At the end of the ceremony Matt Brown led everyone singing God Bless America. vd-2016-011 Manson High School Band At the end of the day I'm proud to say I'm a veteran! We thank our amazing community for their support. Norm Manly - American Legion Service Officer

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