{ Skagit Cellars welcomed to Manson

Skagit Cellars welcomed to Manson

Skagit Cellars welcomed to Manson

Manson Chamber of Commerce President Sandy Day, Board Secretary Mariah Pyle and Executive Director Debbie Conwell assisted Mark and Gloria Hulst, owners Skagit Cellars as they held a ribbon cutting ceremony signifying the opening of their new tasting room in the Manson Village Center. The Chamber brought a cake, ballons and coffee. Also, part of the ceremony were Tasting Room staff, Lisa Greenlee and Kasmira Elliot.

Mariah Pyle, Debbie Conwell, Mark Hulst, Gloria Hulst and Sandy Day

Skagit Cellars wines are produced in their winery located at Burlington, Washington. This is where all their wine is crafted from select Salmon Safe vineyards in Washington with healthy natural methods to ensure the lowest sulfite content possible, and healthy wine free of additives.

Besides the tasting room in Manson they have a tasting room located in beautiful downtown La Conner, Washington - 106 S. 1st Street. If you happen to be in La Conner on a weekend be sure to stop by for wine tasting between the hours of 12 - 6 pm.

Mark and Gloria both grew up in families that owned and operated small businesses. They have turn into real entrepreneurs with Mark owning an auto repair business in Burlington and Gloria with an auto body business in Mt. Vernon and Kenmore. Mark has been on the Mt. Vernon City Council for six years. Mark and Gloria have been married for 32 year and have three sons and four grandchildren.

Entering the wine business had not been in their plans. They started making wine at home as a hobby in 2008. Then in 2012 the hobby grew by using Tulip Valley Winery’s equipment to produce even more of their excellent wines. The big move was in 2015 when they opened their winery in Burlington and the tasting room in La Conner.

Burlington production facility

When asked why Manson Mark said, “We’ve been coming to Manson for 20 years and we love it here. Our plan is to purchase land in the Lake Chelan Valley and move our winery here”. Currently they make seven different wines and produce around 1,000 cases annually.

The Manson Tasting Room will be open seven days a week from 12 – 6. Lisa Greenlee will be your host Wednesday through Sunday.

Lisa Greenlee

And Kasmira Elliot Monday and Tuesday.

Kasimra Elliot

Lisa has lived in Chelan for two years and spent five years in the wine business in Woodinville. Kasmira actually worked for the Hulst’s in La Conner and other wineries in the Chelan Valley for several years. Bottom line, lots of experience when you stop in for a taste of their great wine.

By Norm Manly

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