{ Manson is Stealing the Limelight!

Manson is Stealing the Limelight!

Manson is Stealing the Limelight!

Manson is Stealing the Limelight!

For years, Manson, the "Village by the bay" as some say, has enjoyed a sleepy, quiet existence.

But recently, there has been a new "vibe" a sort of transformation that embraces both the past and a new future.

When people think of Lake Chelan, most typically think of the City of Chelan.  When it comes to Manson, some actually think there is nothing past Mill Bay Casino.

I'm often amazed at the number of visitors and tourists who walk into our store and say "wow! I didn't know this was out here! I've been coming to Lake Chelan for twenty years!"  And the season for visiting is no longer just June through September. Its all seasons.

So why now? Why is Manson the place to be? Manson has filled its fields with vineyards, wineries, and our beloved orchards, we provide access to four lakes, brave and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in town with great restaurants and stores, a venue for world class entertainment with Mill Bay Casino, national TV exposure with Mountain View Lodge on the Travel Channel, and of course, Wapato Point Resort.  It's a cool place and people are enjoying the charm, quaintness, natural beauty and the family friendly environment Manson provides.  It's all that without all the city "hubbub."

Add to that the great outdoor activities for every season. Boating, waterskiing, wake boarding, paddle boarding, parasailing, hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross country and downhill skiing. Clearly Manson is at the core of Washington's Playground.

When combined with a calendar of fun events, from Winterfest in January, to Apple Blossom in May, from one of the largest firework displays in the Northwest on the 4th of July, HydroFest in September,  and Harvest and Crush in October, there is simply more to Manson! Check us out at moretomanson.com.

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