{ Manson Farmer's Market - an institution!

Manson Farmer's Market - an institution!

Manson Farmer's Market - an institution!
The Manson Farmer's Market was a vision of the Manson Grange in 1981. A sub-committee formed under the leadership of Ivan Morse, Meldred Lester and Ed Fischang and the rest is history. A local vendor, Juan Laberrigue says in the beginning there were less than ten booths and today there is room for 50. Juan Laberrigue local vendor Juan Laberrigue local vendor The Market takes place on Wednesday and Saturday starting at 8:30 with the ringing of a bell. If you're looking for produce better show up early as it goes fast. Local produce Local produce Anyone can rent a spot at the Market for $5 a day or $50 for the year. Space is assigned on a first come basis and folks selling vegetables and fruit are on the top of the list. Regular members of the Manson Farmer's Market meet once a year to review the past year and look forward to the coming year looking for ways to improve. President Linda Blessin has been taking part in the Market for ten year. I asked her about the fires of last season and that it must have had a negative impact on sales she said, "Not for me as I sell candles, they were all gone in just a few minutes!" Linda also sells some killer jam. Linda Blessin's display table Linda Blessin's display table Dick Cochran and retired Manson school teacher grows vegetable in his yard as do many other vendors. Dick has been a regular for seventeen years! DSCF0002 Dick supplements his retirement income at the Market Members of the Manson Volunteer Firefighters Association bring the fire truck on Saturdays. They sell tee shirts and other items to raise money for the many causes they support. There are 25 members, all volunteer and deserve a big thank you. Manson Volunteer Fire Association members Manson Volunteer Fire Association members Rafael and Maria Avina have been part or the Manson Farmer's Market for twelve years. DSCF0009 Rafael Avina make a sale to a happy customer This is the first year for April Leaf at the Market. She is from the west side but loves it in Manson. April sells beadwork she make herself. DSCF0024 April Leaf a first year member of the Market Mike and Amy Torres operate in several locations with Bison Plants. They have been involved in many community projects over the years. DSCF0021 Mike and Amy get ready for the crowd Maureen White, a seventeen year veteran of the Market loves talking with folks as she sells her wares. Maureen White 17 years with the Market Maureen White 17 years with the Market So whether you are a local or a visitor to our community be sure to put the Manson Farmers Market high on your list of things to do as there is something for everyone.

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