{ Glass to Sand - Amazing!

Glass to Sand - Amazing!

Glass to Sand - Amazing!
Thanks to Judy Dai, President of the Manson Chamber of Commerce, people in the Chelan Valley were made away of a new concept in recycling with a demonstration taking place in the Manson Village Center parking lot on May 24 at 10:00. img_0646 Fred Phillips, Don Phelps, Ron Trickett, Judy Dai, Cheryl Koenig and Sandy Day. Fred E.B. Phillips, owner of Quipsafe, the United States distributor for the GLSand glass bottle crusher, made in New Zealand, traveled to Manson to promote this new concept. Although used in various parts of the world the glass crusher is brand new to the United States. In fact Manson could go on the map as the first community in the United States to make use of this new technology. img_0644 Ron Trickett, Manson Chamber board member checks out the action area where twelve hammers are located. Use of the GLSand glass bottle crusher provides a 90% volume reduction in glass bottles. Hard to believe but 60 wine and spirit bottles or 160 small beer bottles will only fill a five gallon bucket with crushing time 3-5 seconds per bottle. There are many possible uses for the sand, which means no glass bottles in our landfills. Just imagine what that can do for our environment! The sand works well for landscaping and has been proven a great additive for asphalt. Sand bags can be filled with this sand and it can even be used in swimming pool filter. As time goes by more and more uses for the sand will become apparent. We can call it Manson Sand! img_0627 The sand, which is very fine can be broken down into five grades of sand. The driving force for development of the GLSand machine was to provide a solution for the shortage of landfill space on islands around the world. - lots of bottles and no place to put them. Fred just shipped two machines to Hawaii last week. Both will operate in large hotels on the Island. landfill Out of sight, out of mind but landfills take up a lot of space It was great to see Bob Christopher at the event as he is the person that brought grapes, wine and wine bottles to our area in 2000. Bob made a trip to British Columbia in 1998 and toured some of the wineries. While there he noticed their climate, soil and other conditions were similar to the Chelan Valley. He teamed up with Steve and Bobbi Kludt and opened the Lake Chelan Winery, the first in our area. img_0631 Bob Christopher drops a wine bottle into the machine This amazing machine is compact, safe and easy to use. Fred said they are currently working with a company that will develop an outside skin for the machine that can look like a bottle, maybe your bottle! The GLSand can be located inside your place of business making it a customer draw. The machine is driven by a single phase 220 volt electric motor, which provides amply power for the twelve hammers that deliver the crushing blow. img_0636 Lots of folks came out for the demonstrated including several of our local wineries. Judy Dai is putting together a work group to explore the possibilities of bringing the GLSand to Manson. If you would like to be part of the work group or would like more information contact Judy. You can contact Fred Phillips at 888-575-7847 or email fred@quipsafe.com for more information or to purchase a unit. By Norm Manly

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