It is that time of the year again when the wasps are making their nests in sometimes the strangest of places. On this client's home, the wasps decided to build their nest inside the plumbing vent. They have totally blocked the vent such that no or very little air is getting in to sufficiently allow the plumbing fixtures below to properly drain. These vents allow air to enter the drainage system, keeping pressures equalized thereby allowing waste water to flow efficiently. As Homewatch professionals, we periodically inspect our clients' roofs where feasible to look for these and other issues that occur based upon different seasonal events. Most full time homeowners rarely check out their roofs on a regular basis and vacation homeowners never do. When they come to the Lake, they want to relax and enjoy the weather, water and wine and the last thing on their mind is what is happening up on the roof. This is why Homewatch is such a vital service if you have vacant or vacation home. We are your eyes, ears and feet on the ground and feet off the ground in some cases when issues arise. Contact us at 509-393-3652 for a free evaluation or check out our website http://www.lakechelanhomewatch.com  

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