{ Best Kept Secret in Manson

Best Kept Secret in Manson

Best Kept Secret in Manson

When Lance and Sally Stark purchased Allisons of Manson, January 2016 they knew the store was mainly for the ladies and the guys just followed the gals around the store, trying to hurry them along. The downstairs of Allisons was being used to store flooring, a business they were not going to continue. They wanted to make Allisons a place for both men and women so the Underground was born June 2016.

The Underground is a cozy and quiet place, open normal store hours, with lots of TV’s, electronic dart boards, shuffle board and more. The games are free to play and beer and cider are cold and fairly priced. So now it’s normal for the ladies to come downstairs looking for their better half, trying to hurry them along.

The Underground can also be rented on an hourly rate, $100 per hour with a two-hour minimum. Now if that sounds like a lot remember the Underground holds 30 people comfortably and it includes a bartender!


So, let your imagination run wild. Thirty of your best friends watching the Seahawks play a Sunday football game and everyone is rooting for the Hawks! Hang out with friends watching the Academy Awards or other of your favorites. A great place for your club to hold a function or throw a birthday party for your best friend. The Underground can be used after store hours as well. Their liquor license allows for children to be on site and drinks can also be taken upstairs while you shop for some amazing items on display.

The Underground has some great "Manly" items for sale

So now you know the best kept secret in Manson. Stop in and see Lance or contact him at 509-687-3534 or email allisonsofmanson@gmail.com

By Norm Manly

Posted by Manson Chamber of Commerce

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