{ An Amazing Stars and Stripes Auction

An Amazing Stars and Stripes Auction

An Amazing Stars and Stripes Auction

Over fifteen thousand dollars is the estimated revenue from the 5th Annual Stars and Stripes Auction held at the Manson Grange on Saturday – June 23rd. We thank Grange President Sue Lesmeister and the Manson Grange members for making their space available for the event.

Manson Chamber of Commerce Board member, owner of Ancestry Cellars and Stars and Stripes Auction Chairman Jason Morin said, “I'm really honored to be part of such a wonderful community.  It was incredible to see the support and energy from everyone in attendance Saturday night to make this event a success.  We're looking forward to a fantastic program on the 4th that this auction makes possible!”

This year marks the 39th Annual Fireworks Show in Manson, WA. Manson Bay’s first fireworks display took place in 1979 and folks at Wapato Point raised the necessary funding. In the mid-80’s the Manson Business Association took the lead and now the Manson Chamber of Commerce is the driving force behind this amazing event that draws thousands of spectators to our community!

Manson Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Debbie Conwell said, “From a dazzling dinner display by Chelan Green Dot’s Cindy and Dave Sneesby to dashing decadent desserts, beginning to end the night was delightful.  The vast array of donations from the community provided the guests with some nice gifts and raised money for our 4th of July Fireworks.  A big “thank you” to everyone who helped make the night a success.”

Besides the Auction’s $15,000, Wapato Point, Town Toyota Center and the Manson Chamber of Commerce donated $5,000 each. We thank the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce for their $2,500 donation and Hard Row to Hoe’s $1,000 donations. Tom Courtney Tug & Barge have supplied the tug and fireworks barge for many years. This year they are donating their service, a value of $3,000.

Jeff Conwell, owner of Manson Green Dot Sub Shop and Manson Chamber of Commerce Vice President said, “Wow! Manson always pulls through to bring one of the largest firework displays in the entire Northwest on July 4th.  I know they’re still counting, but I think we shattered the records with a huge outpouring of support!"

Debbie Conwell, Phillis Coleman and Sally Coleman served on the decorating committee and the and excellent job. North Shore Bible Church donated ten tables and 100 chairs for the event. Timi and Dana Starkweather helped at the check in table and checking folks out with their auction items. Ron Tricket, last year Manson’s Volunteer of the Year, helped set up tables and chairs.

Fifty-eight silent auction items were on tables downstairs, people were encouraged to browse and bid. There were numerous baskets offering many fun things. Mill Bay Casino offered several tickets to shows at their Deepwater Amphitheater. There was something for everyone!

Dinner was served at 7:00, it was amazing! Cindy and Dave Sneesby, owners of the Green Dot Sub Shop in Chelan offered amazing barbeque chicken and pulled pork plus beans, salad and rolls. The presentation was beautiful.

Dinner was followed with a live auction with Todd Janish serving as auctioneer, he did a super job driving up the bids. There were many great items including Seahawk tickets, a helicopter ride to Rio Vista on the River for wine tasting and a private tour of the 4th of July fireworks barge. The big item was a seven night’s stay at a luxurious resort in Mexico. Two couples bid to a tie and Lance and Sally Stark, owners Allisons of Manson, who offered the auction item, doubled their offer and both couples won!

Todd Janish, center was our acutioneer

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore fun the Dessert Dash was underway. Individuals at each of ten tables put money into an envelope. Envelops were collected and cash counted. The table with the highest dollar amount was announced and their “runner” hustled to the dessert table and picked out their favorite dessert including a bottle of wine that Judy Dai, Dessert Dash Coordinator, paired with the dessert. Five of the Desserts were made at Deb’s Delights in Chelan. Monies were donated by various individuals to cover the purchase of the desserts. This was a fun event and Judy told me it raised $1,405!

Eric Featherstone, General Manager Wapato Point and Manson Chamber of Commerce Board member said, “It’s so pleasing to see the outpouring of business and public support for Manson’s Annual Fireworks show. With the amazing success of fundraising, Manson will be able to put on another wonderful fireworks display.”

If you couldn’t make it to the Auction and want to donate to the Manson 4th of July Fireworks Show you can drop cash or a check, made out to the Manson Chamber of Commerce, into a collection can located at many of the Manson businesses or mail a check to the Manson Chamber – PO Box 801 -  Manson, WA 98831 or give online at https://squareup.com/store/manson-chamber-of-commerce/item/fourth-of-july-fireworks-donations

By Norm Manly

Posted by Manson Chamber of Commerce

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