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Jeff Conwell


Executive Director

Debbie Conwell

Thank you Jason!

The Manson Chamber would like to thank Jason Morin for his volunteer service as treasurer. Jason received the “Volunteer of the Year” award at our Night to Remember banquet for donating his time and service throughout the valley.

While we will miss him in our group, we will most certainly have the opportunity to partner with Jason through the various activities and events in Manson.

If you are a member of the Manson Chamber and would like to participate as a board member, we would love to hear from you. The position is for 2 years and will be announced at our last public meeting November 27th.

If you have any questions you can contact the chamber or stop by Wednesday through Saturday at 1pm for more information


Chamber Director

Eric Featherstone


Vice President

Lance Stark


Chamber Secretary

Mariah Pyle


Marketing COnsultant

Micah Rubart