A Virtual Tour of Manson with Cale Morgan

Join Cale Morgan on a virtual tour of Manson! An exploration of the beautiful scenery, backroads, wineries and views Manson has to offer!

This video was shot in the summer season and showcases the environment of Manson. Lookin’ to explore the backroads like Cale? Well, it’s the Fall Season now, so trees are turning just the right shade of orange and red with crisp air every morning. Oh, and we still have loads of sunshine!

Exploring Lake Chelan and it's many backroads, we travel to beaches and wineries in Manson, WA. Join me as we uncover the treasures of the beautiful Lake Chelan area on our second episode of BACKROADS. Manson is home to more wineries than any other part of the Chelan valley.

A Night to Remember 2019

A Night to Remember 2019

“This was a memorable night for all the right reasons,” said Manson Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Debbie Conwell, talking about the 5th Annual Night to Remember Recognition Dinner at Mill Bay Casino on October 9. “We sponsor the Night to Remember to acknowledge some extraordinary, or often ordinary people extending themselves in extraordinary ways to make our community truly amazing. We shine the spotlight on our businesses, schools, civic and social organizations.” Debbie went on.

How Stories Shape a Community

Manson, Washington-3.png

Quick Facts

Infographics are sweet. They communicate information with attractive colors and cute symbols. But they don’t really tell stories.

The Story of Manson, WA

Like any town, Manson, WA has plenty of stories that shape it into the community it is today. We are a small town so we don’t have large scale stories like, for example, big needles being built into the sky, instead…

We have stories about community.

What does that mean?

It mean our community works hard to look after one another and use our resources to continuously improve the place we call home.

The Best Part is

Our community spills over to include those that visit us, our communal hospitality, kindness and inclusion can be felt up and down our backroad streets.

Even something as simple as a wave of the hand will reenforce a feeling of belonging.

That is what community is about, and that is why we always say, there truly is More to Manson.

Checkout the events photo album here!

Chelan Valley Hope's Next Strides

Chelan Valley Hope's Next Strides

Michael, Chelan Valley Hope’s Board President, recently shared his vision and goals for Chelan Valley Hope over the next three to five years. Michael spent his career in the health care industry. The strengths he brings to the CVH’s Board include marketing, personnel management, and leadership. Michael joined the Board February 2016 and was selected President May 2018.

Fall in Manson, Washington

Welcome to fall in Manson!

It is always hard to say goodbye to summer, the sun staring down on your shoulders all day and early sunrises will be dearly missed. Even as the sun sets a bit earlier each day and the temperature drops the Lake Chelan Valley will still be filled with beautiful views, tasty wine and a slew of events for all. Before we dive into the events our local chamber members and businesses are hosting, take a minute to see what our beautiful Lake Chelan Valley, Wapato Lake, orchards, fields and town turn into each fall. 

Pretty stunning, right?

The color popping on the screen is even more impressive in real life (as most things are). Manson and the surrounding Lake Chelan Valley transform as fall settles in; we experience a drop in vacation seekers, emptied campgrounds and fewer boats on the water. With this shift in the seasons, we are so inspired to bring more events for our community and visitors to enjoy.  

The fall also brings on new projects that need tackling, The Manson Chamber of Commerce has a few that we are really excited about: 

1.    Turn Leffler Field into a park: Our community is trying to secure local Leffler Field and turn it into a park for all to enjoy in every season. The only way we can achieve this is through donations to the Manson Chamber of Commerce to contribute to purchase the land through the Manson Park and Recreation District and transform it into a lasting playground/park. But time is running out. We still need nearly $500,000 for the purchase to happen. For more information click on this word right here.

2.    Speed Sensors: We want downtown Manson to be a safe and welcoming, to achieve this the Chamber is seeking (tax deductible) donations from local businesses to install new speed sensors along the main drag of downtown to protect from speeding. For questions or additional information email info@moretomanson.com

3.    Our new website! You could be reading this in an email or on the new site itself (if you are reading it in an email, click here to jump on over to the new site). We are very excited to have this new site up and running. The chamber has worked to make the website more accessible, easy to navigate and informative for new visitors and old friends alike. If you have already, go poke around the new site and see what it has to offer you. 

Fall in Manson is beautiful, no denying that one. It may not be as busy as the summer, but that’s good. The chamber is very excited from the fall of 2019 and can’t wait to see what we get to do this year. If we can help in any way here in Manson, please contact us at any time 509-888-1553 or info@moretomanson.com.

Lake Chelan Swim; A Great Success!

Lake Chelan Swim

Willow Point-01.jpg

The 9th annual Lake Chelan swim; a test of strength, determination and the swimming prowess. The 1.5 mile course brings out the best in all our competitors and we applaud those that participated this year. This even raises funds to increase awareness of swimming lessons available to locals and visitor to the Lake Chelan Valley. Check out Manson Bay Park for swim lesson information. 

We are so impressed by the performance of all our swimmers this year and want to congratulate our medalist finishers; 


Youth Medalists:

1. Aiden Kelly Ringel

2. Cara Brown

3. Jude Loewen 

Women Medalists:

1. Barbara Thrasher

2. Gabrielle Davy

3. Wendy Van De Sompele

Men Medalists:

1. Mark Steven

2. Stephen Freeborn

3. Jim Mcgoorty